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“Something for the weekend?” – signs of the (Financial) Times

My preferred newspaper is the Weekend F.T. It doesn’t come in a plastic wrapper full of unwanted leaflets, advertising stair-lifts and elasticated trousers. More specifically, the Life & Arts section, and the magazine, which for nearly twenty years have prompted my travel plans, focus on restaurants reviewed by Nick Lander or exhibitions praised by Jackie Wullschlager; or, in an ideal world, […]

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Lunch, dinner and a lost afternoon in Dublin

Ely wine bar “You say Ely, I say Ely”      The award winning Ely Wine Bar (pronounced Eli in Dublin, as in Eli Wallach, not Ely as in Ely Cathedral. Hope that helps). It’s on Ely Place, so it’s easy to find. The atmosphere in the basement is Gentlemens’ Club meets New York Steakhouse. (Note […]

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