Night at the Museum

After an interesting encounter last year with Napoleon the Strategist at the Musée de l’Armée in Paris, it seemed rude to miss an opportunity of making closer acquaintance.

Talent or ambition – which is more important in the making of a genius? I wrote about it here:

The museum was open free of charge on the evening of 18th May 2019, and in spite of a downpour later in the evening, it welcomed 8,000 visitors on ‘La Nuit des Musées’.

For one night only, a group of re-enactors gathered outside Napoleon’s tomb at Les Invalides.


Napoleon’s last resting place



On the bicentenary of Waterloo in 2015, Jeremy Paxman visited a re-enactment of the battle, and commented on the age of those who participated in the rôle of senior officers.

They were of ‘advanced years’, which he put down to the fact that they were better able to afford the cost of their uniforms and equipment.


French infantry in the uniform of the 1790s. It seemed like only yesterday….

I won’t comment on their age….



Artilleryman of the Imperial Guard

….but you can’t deny their enthusiasm




Un Grognard (a grumbler) of the Guard Artillery

There was a moment when one young infantryman realised that someone was stealing his dinner



Excusez moi?

There was a senior officer, recruiting for

La Garde Imperiale….




Oui, mon generale!

….and a trumpeter of Chasseurs à Cheval


Guard trumpeter


Were their uniforms authentic? The exhibits in the museum spoke volumes



This one is the real thing


There were Horse Artillerymen demonstrating where to put a shell….



“La bas!”

….and a couple of cool dudes.

(Well, maybe one)



An officer of Voltigeurs. And a guy with a clipboard.


And they were all there to honour the memory of Napoleon Bonaparte



Napoleon’s hat, coat and campaign bed in La Musee


‘Vive l’Empereur!’



Night at the museum

See two of my photos of the event in the museum’s compilation on Instagram:

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