Freshest sherry, freshest crab

As well as eating in the café at Rocky Bottoms, you can buy their crabs and lobsters to take home. They’re landed at Weybourne Beach nearby, cooked and sold at West Runton, and we took our crabs back to Weybourne for lunch; “from boat to plate.”



Crab boats on Weybourne beach. Crab and sherry for a Weybourne lunch


The crabs from Rocky Bottoms were a perfect lunch with lemon mayonnaise and a savoury glass (or two) of the freshest, saltiest fino sherry, Tio Pepe “En Rama”. It’s released each year by Gonzales Byass, and is best drunk at the height of the same summer.


For stockists of Tio Pepe En Rama 2018, click here:


Rocky Bottoms, Cromer Road, West Runton, Norfolk, NR27 9QA




2 thoughts on “Freshest sherry, freshest crab

  1. Sally Money

    The boat called Anna Gail intrigued me – probably not connected to Anna Gael who I think was the Hungarian wife of the Marquess of Bath (Lord Weymouth aka the loins of Longleat) who fled to Paris when he took up with all those wifelets. But dry sherry with lobster or crab sounds inspired. I must go down to the sea again…..


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