Lunch with the Italians

It’s the kind of place you might find in any Italian city.


You choose your plateful at the counter. They have a full range of formaggio and salumi, a tempting variety of pizza and focaccia by the slice, and salads, all prepared on the premises.



Formaggi e Salumi



While the minimum serving of each item is 100 grams, I was able to have two salads (artichoke hearts, and insalata nizza) with just a few slices of salame finocchiona.



Lunch with the Italians



The Italians opened two years ago. The owner, Jiří, is Czech (Jiří is George in Czech) and he has three shops in Prague. He has lived in Verona, where he developed relationships with the producers, and the walls are lined with their black-and-white photos. The wines are well chosen, mostly from Trentino, and you can also enjoy a Spritz or Negroni.

When you’re on the west side of the city, and looking for a place to eat, have lunch with the Italians.



Italians – never without the telefonino





Milano? Torino? Verona? No, I was on Chiswick High Road, West London. It was the day of the men’s final at Wimbledon, and from my table I could see a steady flow of customers loading bags for their TV picnics.



Choosing a takeaway


As I paid my bill, I noticed the pastry cabinet with mini Cannoli.


As Clemenza said in The Godfather:   “….take the Cannoli”


Useful phrases and sayings:

I quickly learned to say “un piccolo cannolo con pistacchio, per prendere al via” – demolished in two bites as I went to catch my bus.

the Italians, 454-456 Chiswick High Road, London W4 5TT


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    1. Alistair

      Yes, really good quality, and ‘very Italian”. I spotted it from the bus when they opened, and only just got round to visiting!


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