Dragon Wine



Dragon wine. No, it’s not a new wave Chinese wine, it’s from Piemonte. A “field blend” of Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Riesling (for elegance) and Nascetta, a rare local white variety with a tannic edge (for complexity and longevity).

The vines are grown side by side and the grapes are vinified together by G. D. Vajra in Barolo. Savoury, almost olivey, it was a discovery in Edinburgh from the inimitable Valvona & Crolla.






2 thoughts on “Dragon Wine

  1. Lois Allender

    Are you able to get this wine from anybody other than Valvonna & Crolla? Edinburgh is a little far to travel to get a bottle of wine! And what sort of price is it?

    1. admin

      It’s imported by Liberty Wines, and retails for around £15 / 16.00 – I looked online and found the Wine Society has it for about £9.60 – is Major Gore a member?


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