Paris at the end of summer

“Paris is nice in August, it’s quiet” observed the barman at Au Passage.

Walking round St Germain on the last day of August in the late afternoon, the weather was still hot and humid. There was a fresh gust of wind, and I looked up to see a fluttering shower of brown plane leaves against the perfect blue sky between the tall white buildings, and had a real sense of the season changing.

Rue Montorgeuil

Musings, observations (and generalisations….)

My brief visit was spent mostly outside, from breakfast to midnight.

Lots of upright bikes, electric unicycles and motorbikes everywhere.

Long legs, short skirts, deep August tans, on the bikes and on the pavements. Hot pants and high boots are a Look. Parisians are (mostly) not overweight.

I saw three or four army patrols of eight soldiers in full combat gear, with automatic rifles, wearing sunglasses.

Enjoying a glass of rose at Les Editeurs, a man sat down at the next table, ordered a whisky with a jug of ice on the side, and finished his cigar as he checked his mobile. There is something incongruous about screwing in a monocle to check a mobile….

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