Walking through Venice in the early hours


Leaving our new favourite restaurant Local after midnight we were looking for a vaporetto night service from the Arsenale or Santa Zaccaria stops. Realising there were none running, we gritted our teeth, decided to walk off dinner, and set off for Cannaregio.

Leaving San Marco, we followed signs to the Rialto and at the bridge, turned right and switched to the Strada Nova, following signs for the railway station. The only nocturnal activity was some teenagers closing a “jazz club”, and a street stall which was selling Campari and Aperol spritz – a late aperitivo?

Strada Nova is wide enough to have market stalls along the side, which were roped down for the night with blue tarpaulin covers. As we walked past a couple of them, I was startled by a loud cough from the first, followed by loud snores reverberating from the second – obviously the traders were economising on their overnight accommodation….

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